How to Develop a Prayer Rule: Why a Prayer Rule?

Yes, every Christian should have some regular pattern of communication with God. Every one of us needs a prayer rule. Jesus taught the disciples, “Abide in Me and I in you” (John 15:4). Prayer is the most effective way to follow the Lord’s teaching and to be one with Him. Adoration, doing good deeds, praise, reading scripture, loving one’s enemies as well as friends; prayer makes these possible and more effective.

A home prayer corner

So, why not pray whenever the Spirit moves us to do so? After all, if we are in a relationship with God, He knows our hearts and will bless us without rules and restrictions. We should be free to reach out to Him anytime we please. A rule is a tradition of man and not of God.

In Luke 11:1-4, The disciples saw Jesus praying in a certain place and asked Him to teach us to pray as John taught his disciples. This is not to say that He didn’t have any freedom to speak with the Father any place He wished. But, Jesus did so in a certain place as well. The twelve, including the eventual betrayer, saw this as significant and that a good spiritual teacher instructed his disciples in having a regular discipline in reaching out to God.

Prayer at church

The most talented athletes know that a regular pattern of conditioning and practice prepares him (or her) for the game. The most gifted musician, likewise, can be found in a regular rehearsal room before a concert or recording session. Pick-up games and impromptu burst of song can be useful. But, regular practice times, places, and rituals are foundations for anyone participating in arts and sports. How much more should this be for us as we seek after Christ? A cry out to God in a time of inspiration or need can be a good thing. These are more effective when they are supported by a consistent link to God established by regular prayer.

Develop a prayer rule. Jesus and His disciples did this. Have a place and time where you meet God. (See Video)

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