Saint Basil the Great Orthodox Church: My home parish in Hampton, Virginia. Archpriest James Purdie serves as Pastor. I serve in the Diaconate with Fr. Deacon Christopher Mertens. Our parish is made of commuters from all over the Tidewater region. Be sure to watch the videos of how we became Orthodox.

Metropolitan Joseph of the Antiochian Orthodox Church of North America

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Diocese of North America: Most people know of the Greek, or Russian Orthodox. Over 3,000 American Evangelicals were accepted into the Diocese under Metropolitan Philip (of blessed memory) in 1987. We continue to open our doors to all people from all walks of life.

Patriarchate of Antioch: The Church written about in the Book of Acts still exist. Patriarch John X sits on the seat of Saints Peter and Paul.

Fellowship of Saint Moses the Black: Dedicated to evangelizing the Orthodox Christian Faith to the African-American community and the study of African spirituality in ancient Christianity.

Ancient Faith Ministries: An amazing resource for podcast, books, music for inquirers and long time believers.

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