Religious & Spiritual: Be Both

It is common to hear of people describe themselves as ‘spiritual, but not religious.’ I see this regularly online from people who are devout Christians as well as those who don’t attend worship services. The word ‘religious’ or ‘religion,’ some would say, has too much to do with legalism and man made rules. ‘Spirit’ andContinue reading “Religious & Spiritual: Be Both”

Sunday of the Prodigal Son: Coming to Our Senses in Prayer

This past Sunday was the second of the Lenten Triodion of the Orthodox Church. The Gospel lesson was from the Lord’s parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32). This upcoming Sunday is the recognition of the Final Judgement and the last day that we are to freely consume meat (Meatfare) before the great fast. ItContinue reading “Sunday of the Prodigal Son: Coming to Our Senses in Prayer”

Become All Flame: My Path to Being Published

My good friends Sarah Motley and Popedia Susan Fury gave me Prologue from Ohrid as a gift for my Diaconate ordination in December 2018. Reading the stories of the saints as well as the homilies and reflections became a regular part of my spiritual journey. Somewhere along the way, I thought it would be aContinue reading “Become All Flame: My Path to Being Published”

Matthias, the Bible, and Other Books

August 9th is the feast day of an overlooked Saint Matthias.  In the Book of Acts (1:12 to 26) he was chosen to replace Judas Iscariot to join the Twelve Apostles.  Peter takes the lead in the beginning of the book with Paul’s mission to the Gentiles occupying much of this scripture.  Deacon Philip’s evangelizingContinue reading “Matthias, the Bible, and Other Books”