Library Cooperation, Outreach & Possibilities

Libraries have always been the foundation of learning. Books on almost every subject can be found. As well, it is possible to meet people with similar interests. Smaller, rural areas may not have the various volumes found in large cities. Without a major Greek or Russian community, finding people who know about Orthodox Christianity canContinue reading “Library Cooperation, Outreach & Possibilities”

Martyrdom & Monasticism: An Orthodox Life in These Times

Yes, I’m still an Orthodox Christian. If anything, I may be a little more optimistic about sharing my faith now than ever before. There is plenty to be pessimistic and worried about. The controversial split in the Ukrainian Church between the autocephalous and Moscow Patriarchate aligned congregations has been further inflamed with the current war.Continue reading “Martyrdom & Monasticism: An Orthodox Life in These Times”

Become All Flame: My Path to Being Published

My good friends Sarah Motley and Popedia Susan Fury gave me Prologue from Ohrid as a gift for my Diaconate ordination in December 2018. Reading the stories of the saints as well as the homilies and reflections became a regular part of my spiritual journey. Somewhere along the way, I thought it would be aContinue reading “Become All Flame: My Path to Being Published”