How Christianity Came to Africa: Foundation of Nile Valley Gods

Desert Fathers Dispatch

The deities and religious thought of Egypt and Nubia also prepared the way for the Christian faith to come into Africa. The region’s polytheist faiths had high expectations that were to be embodied by the pharaohs and embraced by all. The sun god, Ra, was the source of all good things. A king was to act as the son of this god and establish ethical and moral principles, called Maat (a goddess of justice and truth), throughout the land. Wrongdoing was not to be tolerated and ancient text were to be read so that the pharaoh could follow the ways of Ra.


Horus was represented as a divine falcon. His main rival was Set, the deity of destruction and disorder. These forces were not inherently evil but could do man great harm unless they were under the control of truth, justice, and wisdom. In Nubia, Horus was the son…

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