How Christianity Came to Africa: Blacks of the Ancient Mediterranean

I will be teaching Early African Christianity through the St. Athanasius Academy online.

Desert Fathers Dispatch

Between 10,500 to 7,300 BC, the area known today as the Saharah Desert was lush and habitable due to monsoonal rains falling on the land. There were enough waterways and wetlands to support crocodiles, hippopotamuses, and other aquatic beast as well as terrestrial creatures such as elephants and lions. Animal herders from the Nile River valley took advantage of the geographic bonanza and brought their domesticated animals to graze on the expansive pastures. Rock art paintings in southern Algeria and Libya depicts human inhabitants hunting wild game, herding cattle, dancing, and engaged in other activities. There was no division between North and Sub-Saharan Africans as we have today.

The monsoonal rains fell more and more southward around 5,000 to 4,300 BC. The lack of these steady rains drove both man and beast to migrate to where they could survive. Many went to the South and West between the Niger River…

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