Sermon: Being Myrrh-bearers

May 16th, 2021 was the second Sunday after Pascha (Easter) on the Orthodox calendar. We commemorate Nicodemus, Joseph of Arimathea, and the Myrrh-bearing Women. The Gospel lesson was taken from Mark 15:43-47 & 16:1-8.

Icon of the Myrrh Bearing Women

I have a habit of writing my sermon notes in a small journal that I keep other notes from my personal readings. I used to use both outlines and full manuscripts when I was preaching every week as Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church. I probably need to get back into the habit of writing them on a regular basis. It would make good practice for me, in case I run a podcast, or something.

My points are rather simple. The saints are role models for us to follow as we follow Christ. Nicodemus had the courage to seek the Lord and put aside his pre-conceived notions of the Messiah. Joseph humbled himself to obtain the Lord. The women observed where Christ was, prepared to serve, and went to His grave not knowing how things would work out. By following these examples, through Christ we become agents of reconciliation of old wounds.

My Ordination into the Holy Diaconate: (left to right) Archpriest Joseph Butts, myself, His Grace Bishop Thomas, Subdeacon James Crawford, Priest James Purdie, Priest Paul Abernathy, and Deacon Christopher Mertens.

Special thanks to my sister in Christ, Catalina Magee, for recording the sermon. Thanks also to Fr. James, Deacon Chris, and my St. Basil family for their love and support.

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